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Tips for Better Finishing
  • Knit the first and last stitch of every row.  This creates a nice edge on your knitting and the garter stitch bumps make row counting a breeze!

  • Increase and decrease two stitches in from the edges of your knitting, on the right side of your work.  To increase I prefer the Make One Right at the beginning of a row, and Make One Left at the end of a row.  For decreasing use ssk at the beginning of a row, and K2tog at the end of a row

  • Add yarn at the beginning of a row, and leave at least a 6" tail.

  • The most common problem when assembling a sweater is the sleeve cap not fitting nicely into the armhole.  The two main causes are:
    • The armhole depth is not correct.  Always measure your armhole from the middle of your knitting, not the side.
    • The row gauge is off.  Sleeve cap shaping is determined by the row gauge, so if this is off, your cap will not fit.  If your stitch gauge is right but your rows are off, your cap directions may need to be rewritten so they will work.